Well, where to begin! ALOHA…Our adventure started in March as we packed up and headed to the Island of Maui. For the past three months my daily routine is as follows:

Kai wakes us up early (6:30ish am) so, we make coffee and go down to the beach (sandcastle building, a swim, maybe read the paper or have a walk on the beach as it depends who I have with me). This generally can last two hours as time means nothing on this Island. We return home to make breakfast and just hang out… Afternoon varies slightly as it may be back to the beach or over to the pool. Ella generally votes for the pool. Evening ritual is very consistent as we BBQ and head down to the beach to see our evening sunset and have a play on the beach. Only to return home and crash from exhaustion so we can start the next day.

Literally to exhausted to use a computer and having no cable has allowed a good nights sleep and plenty of quality time to the kids. Waking up everyday for the past few months with no agenda has been wonderful. Hard to describe the feeling. I have used my camera (perhaps not to the fullest extent) to capture the kids enjoying this adventure and that is all.

So, to all the people I have not touched base can I blame it on Maui time?

I have read more books to my children, baked so many cookies/muffins/cakes with Ella (that I so don’t need), watched many sunsets and gazed at the stars more in the last three months then I have in my whole life. Taken this time out of reality to tune out the world as been priceless.

I leave you with a typical sunset…


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